“Here at work, I take pride in  knowing my role within my department, it’s just now I have the official papers to prove it.”

Diane VallisLead Hand, Dynamic Air Shelters
Grand Bank, NL
“Here at work, I take pride in knowing my role within my department,” says Diane Vallis, Lead Hand, Sewing Department, Dynamic Air Shelters. “It’s just now I have the official papers to prove it.”

A native of the rural Newfoundland & Labrador’s Burin Peninsula, Vallis says she left school after Grade 11 to begin work at a local fish plant. She says she moved on to work at Dynamic Air Shelters only after the plant closed, nearly a decade ago.

“I’ve always regretted not graduating from high school, so any chance I get to improve my credentials, I go for it,” says Vallis. “Dynamic Air Shelters has been great in this regard. Through them, I’ve had the opportunity to get certified in lots of training–everything from First Aid to Leadership Management to LEAN manufacturing. It’s a company that really invests in its people.”

Meanwhile Vallis credits her CertWORK+ Assessor and her work colleagues with making the experience positive overall.

“My Assessor was always encouraging and diplomatic with me. Like if I fell short on some evidence, he’d always take the time to guide me through the process and explain how I might improve,” says Vallis.

“And the support through my colleagues at Dynamic has been great. Whatever I needed –even if meant digging around through old boxes for a file or a time sheet– they went the distance. They supported me with every step.”

Diane Vallis is the first graduate in the country to be awarded CertWORK+ Certification in the role of Lead Hand.